Meta Does Not Allow Monetization for Content in Pakistan


The parent company of Facebook and Instagram, Meta, has no plans to monetize content in Pakistan at the moment. During a media event on Thursday, Fahad Qadir, Policy Communications Lead, Emerging Markets & South Asia, APAC, verified this.

When a Meta business delegation visited Pakistan earlier this year. One of the topics they discussed was the country’s 60 million users. And how Meta ought to take action to assist them.

According to the delegation, Meta is looking into the matter and may start a pilot project, according to sources in the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication. However, the company has flatly denied having any immediate plans to monetize in Pakistan.

Meta Spokeswoman

The company held a meeting for Pakistani journalists on Thursday to outline its stance on privacy. Journalists were briefed by Arianne Jimenez, Asia Pacific Privacy Policy Manager at Meta. On the steps taken by the social media firm to safeguard user privacy and data security on its platforms. A Meta spokeswoman claims that keeping users’ information safe is essential to achieving Meta’s goal of developing a communications platform that prioritizes privacy. She said that everyone at the social media company has a responsibility to protect privacy because it is crucial to how Meta runs.

“Meta is dedicated to giving consumers more control over their privacy preferences. As a result, it has created tools to provide consumers with greater transparency and control over how their data is used,” she stated.

To empower its users to regain control over their privacy, Meta offers a wide range of services and tools. Options include privacy checkups, privacy shortcuts, control activities, audience selector tools, and who can look me up. in addition to the privacy center. Users now have greater access to privacy, security, and ad control settings, giving them more control over who may view their posts and how people find them on Facebook.

She added that a privacy center is an educational tool that provides users with in-depth privacy information for Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

Meta Products

By offering additional details and controls on its products and adverts, Meta tries to make it easier for customers to comprehend its data practices. This way, it can make sure that targeted advertising and privacy don’t conflict.

According to her, Meta Ad Preferences gives users the ability to take charge of their preferences by adding and modifying those that have been automatically generated for them based on their Facebook profile information, behaviors, and use of other websites and services.

Meta tools ask, “Why am I seeing this advertisement?” By clicking on any advertisement or article in their News Feed, users can alter their preferences by selecting “Why am I seeing this post.”

With the assistance of experts in sectors including data protection and privacy legislation, security, interface design, engineering, product management, and public policy, Meta incorporates privacy measures into its products. To protect users’ information, its privacy team tries to take these opinions into account at every stage of product development.

Information protection is guaranteed through measures on Meta platforms like security audits, two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and increased accountability for “third-party apps,” according to Meta authorities.

The firm gives people more control and choice over their data. and tools for deleting anything they’ve posted or transferring data to other services. Meta believes that the free and open internet allows people to transfer their data to other apps and services.

However, Meta states it does not sell any user information to other parties. Partners and third parties that have access to particular data must abide by guidelines governing how they may and cannot use and disclose the information provided by Meta.

The process of improving Meta’s privacy and security system is ongoing. And the firm will continue to invest and develop to provide the greatest user experience possible, they stated.

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