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Re-Rise of Old Songs:

We have heard that with time everything will be modified by technology. But I think music is the only thing which can’t be modified. The rhythm, tunes, instruments and many other things which completes a Music will always be in the same form as of today and the past. Well, in some ways we can say that it has transformed itself into its brother named “Rapping”.

To be honest I am a huge fan of Eminem and Drake I think they are the Father of Rap. Never mind, that’s just my opinion. Still, being a huge fan of rapping I’ve never overcome the craze of the old songs. I am obsessed with the old songs just like the some of you.

90’s Kids:

Being a 90’s kid we know the importance and value of the old songs. Recently, BTS released their song “Dynamite” which broke all the records on YouTube. BTS fans (including me) were so crazy about it. While, listening to the song 90’s kid got better of me and I went almost 10-12 years back to the Taio Cruz “Dynamite”, the song which will never get old. Whenever you’ll hear it, you will feel every time like “BOOM! I want to dance with it”.

At that point I realized 2000’s songs gets staled so early and easily. Like there’s a new song in the Market everybody go crazy for it and the old one goes into the “EXTRAS” or somewhere. You see that’s the basic problem of our generation we gets bored easily.

Quarantine Influence:

Anyways in the past couple of months I noticed one thing on social media and I am sure you also had, that during COVID-19 (Quarantine) a bundle of old songs came out of nowhere and everybody was grooving with them, listening to them, admiring them and even the flop ones got hyped. I was so astonished and also happy to see the oldies coming back this way as I am an obsessed fan of the Old Songs so you know the glam. Speaking of which, Bollywood Industry made remakes of many old songs lately, but I think no song can replace the old ones bruh.

I don’t know about you but I think OLD CLASSICS are the best.

As we say,


I believe it’s true.

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