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Saboor Aly’s sassy response to fat-shaming

Some social media users have this overpowering urge to poke a certain public figure to the point. That they would react however Saboor Aly’s response to a certain troll has made us laugh. With joy because the way she has handled fat-shaming is certainly inspiring.

So as we all must be aware actress Saboor Aly is engaged to actor Ali Ansari. The couple is quite liked throughout the nation and it is to be noted. That the kind of content which emerges from the duo’s end is mostly decent and awe-inspiring.

This time, a certain social media user made sure to reveal to the actress. And her fiance that they are getting fatter day by day.

This comment was completely unnecessary and even if the couple is on the journey to gaining a few pounds, it’s none of anyone’s business.

However, it is Saboor’s response to the fat-shaming which we want to highlight here. The actress approached the negativity with a state of calmness and told the troll: “Jee khushi se.” (Gladly).

Quite frankly, this is the best way to respond to any kind of trolling as the Troll police are always in need of some kind of drama. A reaction that would cause a debate however if a public figure chooses to react with complete ignorance. And calm, the netizen wouldn’t get the desired outcome.

Lately, actress Saboor Aly has posted a mind-blowing click on her social media platform. In which she is donning a red crop top along with jeans. Seems like Saboor decided to click a picture during a friends’ outing in a restaurant. However, the actress surely knows how to rock a casual look.

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