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The devilish group in the form of shame…

So today my article is going to be a bit controversial or you can say blunt, I thought I should say something about the famous group because apparently 312.5k people are not doing anything. Well, I am talking about a Facebook group called “Devil in the form of a WH*RE”, this group was created on 2nd May in Ramadan this year where people come together and share their stories about what they have been through. This group description says that this platform is for you to share your bad sides here without mentioning his/her name of what you’ve gone through in your life because of a male or female. Try to expose them and aware of people in your surroundings. This group has about 312.5k followers who read about relationships and betrayal daily and you won’t even know If your kid is in that group or not because face it nowadays everyone can find these things easily on Facebook because they are trending. In my opinion, this group is nothing but a portrayal of shame, haram relationships, and betrayal were well-educated people and even adults or teenagers come to enjoy and read about certain things which are not even permissible in Islam. There are lots of ways to have entertainment in our life but what we are doing wasting our time in reading and gossiping about how a girl and a boy fell in so-called love and now they are outing their relationship on an open platform. What kind of things are we preaching to our upcoming generation, and don’t come at me about relationships love, and feelings because sin is going to be in whether we all like it or not.
Devil in the form of wh*re
Well, I followed this group a while ago and all I can see daily on my newsfeed is screenshots of girl and boys and their long stories about how they fell in love and then they do certain things and how a girl was with a boy for his money or how a boy cheated on a girl. Seriously what is this and the amount of people which are a part of this group is immaculate. I mean once I read this story on this group about a boy dated this girl and then they got physical with each other and then they got married secretly after that the girl got pregnant and they have to have an abortion then after that they don’t have the courage to face their parents so they broke up. After reading that story I thought what in the actual world was that and the comments under that post got me all hyped up most of the comments were like we feel you, bro, don’t worry you will get a new girl In your life all is going to be better, like how the portrayal of Zina is okay in someone’s eyes considering this group has a large audience what kind of things our kids are going to read and see. We all normalized this thing in our life like it is nothing but let me tell you it’s much more than nothing when someone read this kind of acts and stories they think it’s normal to have this kind of relationships in our culture and our society because they think if more than 200k people are doing it why cant I. A dear friend of mine once said:
Teenage is the type of age where you can make your life or you can totally waste your life.
And that thing hit me that yes he is right we live in an Islamic state and if you are Muslim I don’t think that I have to tell you what is wrong and what is right in our religion and clearly, it’s not right to have a haram relationship and on top of that promote it on an open platform freely where this thing can be normalized and people can implement these acts in their life by thinking that this is not wrong everybody is doing it and I can too.

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