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On television, the majority of trans characters are stereotypes: Mumtaz, Asad Malik

Asad Mumtaz Malik, who made his acting debut in Parizaad as Guru, has been in the entertainment world for a lot longer than you might believe. Despite the fact that this is Malik’s debut acting role, he has been directing for several years, most recently as the DOP for Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Alif. Malik discussed his breakout performance and what it took to get the homosexual role of Guru, who takes Saboor Aly’s character Dilawar under his wing, right in a recent interview. the majority of trans characters are stereotypes.

Speaking about the love he has received so far, Malik shared, “I wasn’t expecting the kind of response I received. It’s true that people from all over the world sent me messages of appreciation. I’ve done video calls and have sent video messages from different countries.”

He confessed that he was afraid of the criticism that would come if he didn’t get the job right when he switched from directing to acting. “It constantly on the back of my mind as we shooting how I toiled in the industry for so long and been rewarded with respect and acclaim.” I afraid that if I didn’t do well, I would be chastised. People would question why I went into acting rather than sticking to what I knew. “However, I was able to overcome my fear and place everything in God’s hands,” Malik explained.

“When I offered the position and was told that my character was a guru for unisex individuals, I was quite scared,” the actor saysof the sensitive aspect of the role. I’ve always been a macho individual. Aside from the fact that this was my first appearance, the most difficult aspect for me was that this was such a strange persona. I just want to double-check that it expressed correctly.”

the majority of trans characters are stereotypes

While Malik stated that he did not deliberately seek for references. He did mention an interaction with a trans guru when he was younger that influenced his personality. “There was just one person who came to memory who I had met as a child. ” the actor explained, adding, “They were the guru of a community of trans people. ” The guru was so old that they didn’t even have teeth, and they always wore a long braid of white and yellow hair. I saw that they had a macho demeanour. The guru would take a seat while the rest of the group performed. That was my thought. Therefore far, the majority of the characters on television have been stereotypes, so I avoided that at all costs.” 

“I highly supported by the lines penned by Hashim Nadeem sahab,” Malik said of his emotionally compelling and lively performance. They were the kind of lines that wouldn’t have the same impact if I didn’t give them my complete attention and the appropriate facial expressions. It made easier by the fact that God blessed me with large eyes.”

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