The Power of Your Subconscious Mind-By Joseph Murphy

Power of your subconscious mind-Social pakora

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind -By Joseph Murphy.

GENRE: Self-Help-Book.

As we all know that God blessed us with lots of blissom and our brain is one of them. Our brain is the most powerful and important organ of our body after heart but it depends on how do you use it. Our brain is like an operating system of our body When it works properly, Your body shows up on you.

Your brain contain two types of minds.

  1. Conscious Mind.
  2. Sub-Conscious Mind.

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1.Conscious Mind.

A conscious mind means you have control of your brain. You always do those things that you want to do. You don’t even force your brain. Your brain always ready for the situation that you’ve put on your conscious mind even it’s good or bad according to the situations.


Let’s assume you are in a trouble and you don’t have a solution at that time or you don’t know how to deal with it, But your conscious mind has a solution… HOW?

As your mind control your body likewise your mind control’s conscious mind.

The conscious mind always knows about your ability, Strength, Mentally strength, what you want, What you have, What are you from scare off, How much patience you have, etc. All these things store in your conscious mind and your brain gets work from them according to the situations.

Joseph Murphy-Social Pakora
Joseph Murphy: Author of “The Power of your Sub-conscious mind”

2.Sub-Conscious Mind.

A sub-conscious mind means you don’t have control of your brain. The subconscious mind always thinks even if you are sleeping, That will damage your brain cells.

sub-conscious always would get those works that you will surely know it’s harmful to me and force you to do but you don’t even realize you’ve done it and after you get regret forever. Your mind keeps thinks irrelevant things that will 0% effect on your life.


A sailor man steers a ship and he has a sub-conscious mind issue. During the steering, a big and huge iceberg comes, And he suddenly gets panic and overthinking what should I have to do next…would I hit the ship or overtake it.

He knows if my ships get hit by the iceberg it will cause death for me and passengers who are in the ship, But he has a sub-conscious mind issue, His mind doesn’t think to him over the scenario. He has an option to overtake the ship but his mind controls his conscious mind and entire body as well.

Likewise, your subconscious mind controls your conscious mind and your body as well.

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