The effects of Lockdown on Mental Health of the Youth

During the covid-19 outbreak, the world was on the brink of chaos and panic. The lockdown was not all dalgona coffee and making homemade bread for a lot of people.

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Mental Health

The pandemic created a number of hindrances in our day to day life. I believe the biggest impact it has made is on the mental health, especially of the youth. The major factor that adds to this is that adjusting to online school was not easy for anyone. Students struggled greatly trying to keep up their grades and blamed the unjust education system for failing to come up with better solutions.

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Many students failed to be successful in maintaining their academic performances, as their home environments were very . Their only escape from it was their day-to-day school/university routines, and being around other people. Not being able to get a break from the negative environment, the students struggled greatly with many issues. Such as anxiety, depression and some even went as far as developing eating disorders. Being unsure of their future and careers was very scary for a lot of them. Many self sufficient students had to put their jobs on hold which resulted in them not being able to afford their expenses. They were unable to pay their tuition fees, and had to take time off school.

There is no mask for mental health. Managing your mental health during a pandemic has proved to be very difficult but it is not impossible. It is essential we continue to look after our mental health, practice patience and healthy lifestyle and make sure to be there for our loved ones in this trying time. We need to be brave enough to reach out to others when we need help.

Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step.”

– Mariska Hargitay