Ushna Shah receives backlash after displaying photos from the Calcium Awareness Program

Ushna Shah receives backlash after displaying photos from the Calcium Awareness Program-Social Pakora

Ushna Shah is a gifted, attractive, and exceptional performer. She has excelled in a number of Pakistani dramas. In 2013, she made her acting debut in the romance drama serial Meray Khuwabon Ka diya. The years that followed brought this attractive figure enormous fortune and acclaim. Who hasn’t heard of her excellent performance in Faisal Qureshi’s thriller drama? Her portrayal of Bashar Momin earned her a place among the greatest actors in Pakistani drama.

Ushna is a confident, blunt, and opinionated woman. She boldly expresses her position or viewpoint on every major issue. She is unconcerned about what other people think about her or say about her. Nothing will be able to stop her from expressing herself. Ushna recently went to a calcium awareness workshop. And later shared her stunning photos from the event. She was dressed up in a basic yellow gown and had her hair straight.

Ushna Looks

Ushna looked stunning with her outfit. Her smile lends grace to her beauty in these photos. Ushna is currently working hard to raise calcium awareness. After uploading photos, keyboard warriors buckle their seatbelts and begin berating her for her outfit choice. People began to criticise her. And her comments section became inundated with harsh feedback.

There were a variety of derogatory remarks, including one that said she resembled calcium tablet packaging. Another person observed that she looks exactly like Mathira, the new Mathira in town. No matter what kind of gowns these actresses wear, people are never happy. Users on social media will find any excuse to attack their favourite celebrities. Which is completely unfair. Celebrities would, of course. Find dealing with unwelcome criticism quite difficult.

What method did you use to locate her photos? Aren’t these lovely? Which of Ushna Shah’s characters do you admire the most? Please let us know by writing to us.

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