Momal Sheikh performed a ritual, and online trolls began to harass him

Momal Sheikh is known for her brilliance and joy, which are always evident on her face. She is the stunning and refined daughter of Javed Sheikh, one of the legendary figures regarded as the founder of the Pakistani cinema industry. The entire family uses social media extensively. Her cousin Shahroze Sabzwari and uncle Behroze Sabzwari are both well-known figures in this industry. We can claim that their occupation and primary source of income for many years has been show business.

Momal Sheikh is the only child of the illustrious actor, and since her father was a gifted instructor and she found a school for her artistic mind at home, how was it possible that she would not enter the performing industry and do it with remarkable abilities? All the authors wanted to feature their characters in this young girl since Momal is incredibly gorgeous and liked by all of them.

Momal’s and her small family are once again prepared to take a holiday, and they were spotted performing a ritual before setting out on their trip. Before going, it is customary to walk under the Holy Quran to ensure the safety of our loved ones.

There is no logic to this,

Yet there are plenty of people on the internet who are eager to misinterpret our Holy Quran. When Momal herself enjoys this practise and feels comfortable while going, they are making unpleasant remarks.

Momal is married to a handsome man and has a cute son. Together, they love to travel the world, and they have already been to many of the countries that interest them. These highly compensated actresses have a lot of money to spend on travel costs and have dined at a variety of opulent hotels that regular people would never even consider visiting.

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