Ms. Marvel: It's a Worth Watching
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Ms. Marvel: It’s a Worth Watching

Ms. Marvel: It’s a Worth Watching

Kamala Khan isn’t just unique for how new her character is within the Marvel franchise and to fans. Next to Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, she’s the only other leading MCU hero audiences have seen within the high school setting. But Kamala doesn’t stop there. She also breaks ground in other ways. 

Ms. Marvel deliberately makes more room for a character-driven story, and that allows us to spend vital time with Kamala’s friends and family. As a result, I don’t like seeing Bruno get hurt. I don’t like seeing Nakia so crushed by Kamala’s secret superhero journey. I’m mad that the Djinn ruined her brother’s wedding. I’m upset when Kamala’s mother Muneeba reaches out to Kamala and softly asks her to let the family help out at a time when they should be fuming at her actions, and Kamala refuses to open up.

In addition to being the MCU’s first Pakistani-American and Muslim superhero, she’s also a die-hard fan of the Avengers, especially Captain Marvel. However, Kamala’s parents don’t necessarily get her obsession with Earth’s mightiest heroes or how difficult it is to be a modern teenager while staying true to her family’s traditions and beliefs. 

Kamala’s performance is natural, sincere, and pitch-perfect in terms of the series’ tone. Whether Kamala is excited about AvengerCon, struggling to connect with her parents, vulnerable with her friends, or simply overwhelmed at school, the audience feels it. 

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