Saba Qamar pokes fun at individuals who chastise her for her candour and criticise her acting abilities.-Social Pakora
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Saba Qamar pokes fun at individuals who chastise her for her candour and criticise her acting abilities.

Saba Qamar is regarded for being the most forthright and forthright person who cannot stand injustice or unjustified bashing. We’ve seen Saba speak up on societal issues that are frequently overlooked by our gaze or attention. People want to talk about a lot of things, but they can’t because of certain restrictions. Saba Qamar is the only one who speaks up about these topics without fear.

You must recall the tragic and horrible occurrence on the Sialkot expressway, and Saba’s account of it was incredibly amazing. She is well aware of her responsibilities as an influencer. During a recent interview, she expressed her displeasure with the criticism she has received as a result of her forthright demeanour.

Saba remarked that she is always very attentive and conscious of her words, and that even when she is in danger, she thinks before saying anything. Saba professes to be a person who treats others with respect. Kamli Starlet believes that if someone criticises her acting abilities based on personal grudges and continues to spread negative information about her based on personal disagreements, she has no sympathy for that person.

She would go to any length to provide him with the finest possible response. Those who attempt to show her a liar and cast doubt on her sincerity and honesty will find that she has zero tolerance for them.

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