Woman Gang-rape on motorway in Punjab:

In a world of competitions, comparisons, technologies, where we dream to live our life according to our ways and desires we left out some of the heart aiming facts and truths of our society. Such as, “Women Abuse/Rape in Our Country”. You know, our ancestors fought hard for this very state, for our freedom. They sacrificed their lives, so that we can live freely, independently, practice our religion, culture, traditions. But after these several years of independence women in our country are still not safe. Even today after all these years women are openly harassed in private and as well as in the public places no matter if it is a bus stand, a girl walking by the road, an employee in an office, a child in a van, a mother picking her children from tuition, a wife at her house in her husband’s absence and what not? And after all these things we still dare to say that we are living in an Independent State or should we say we are living in a “Male Independent Country ?”.

What kind of Independent State do we live in? The kind where a mother is raped in front of her children? This never happened in front of my eyes but only this thought made me horripilate. On this very last Tuesday night a women who was travelling with her children coming from Lahore and departed to Gujranwala was gang-raped in front of her children. According to the statements of the police, her car got stalled or some fault occurred in the car when she crossed the toll plaza on the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway almost at 1:30 am.

When she called her cousin for help he asked him to call the police helpline meanwhile he also left from his house to reach her. When he arrived there, he saw the women terrified and her clothes were stained in blood. The police officials said that two armed men found the women in the car, they broke the window and took the women and her children to the nearby bushes and then they both raped her. They also snatched her 100,000 rupees cash, one bracelet, car registration, and 3 ATM cards.

The woman is said to be a resident of the Defence Housing Authority and her husband worked abroad, the police officer said that a case had been registered against the two unidentified robbers on the complaint of her relative.

But what now, will this oppression stop? If we open the rape cases files of Pakistan. You’d see that there are 1000’s of rape cases which still haven’t been solved and will not ever be. In the first two months of 2020 70 rape cases were filed in Lahore district only and who knows how many are there in other districts as well, and this oppression is not only about Pakistan it’s all over the World. Women are treated like trash by some men in not only Pakistan but worldwide, but comparing to other country’s Pakistan doesn’t provide good laws and protection for the women. We hope that maybe one day this country will be safe enough for Women as it is for the Men.

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